We are very pleased to announce that Annunciation has introduced Japanese as part of the LOTE program. The Japanese language engages students through language and symbols. It also provides a transitional link to our feeder Secondary schools as many of these schools study Japanese from Year 7. The language is taught through the lens of other curriculum areas such as Inquiry/Literacy and Religion.



At Annunciation, the aim of the LOTE (Japanese) curriculum is to provide:


  • an increasing understanding of how language operates
  • opportunities to consider their own culture and compare it with the cultures of countries and communities where the language is spoken,
  • opportunities to learn and speak a new language


The aims of learning a language other than English (Japanese) are:

  • To emphasize communication skills.  Students learn to communicate in the Japanese language for many purposes and in many contexts; they are able to have direct access to knowledge, ideas and information written or spoken in the Japanese language.
  • To foster and develop an understanding and appreciation of the many cultures in our society.
  • Students develop an understanding of the way language works which they can apply to other languages including English.
  • While learning an additional language students gain knowledge of and make connections across a range of concepts drawn from other key learning areas.