Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Annunciation – a faith community striving for excellence and personal growth while providing an education that focuses on the future and meets the needs of today.


Mission Statement

Education in Faith

To promote the faith journey of those in our community in an ongoing manner.

In Education in Faith we aim to:

  • Support the faith experience of members of our community by extending an invitation to worship.
  • Openly celebrate achievements and give support and encouragement to our community.
  • Develop and foster further links with the parish and wider community.
  • Promote the sacramental nature of Catholic faith through Scripture, prayer, symbol and ritual through parent and student education.


Leadership and Management

To build strong leadership and management that shares and promotes principles of learning which has the well being of all as its focus.

In leadership and management we aim to:

  • Be involved in shared leadership.
  • Be informed of current trends and best practice through professional learning and state, regional and school level.
  • Manage resources based on current strengths, weaknesses and needs.
  • Promote staff well being by utilising their strengths in a team based approach.


School Community

To create an enterprising school community that underpins the faith values which are central to the education of our children.

In relation to the school community, we aim to:

  • Liaise regularly with the Parish Priest and Corpus Christi community to strengthen parish/school relationships.
  • Maintain and promote the catholic faith tradition of the school by encouraging potential catholic families to enrol at Annunciation
  • Encourage all families to participate in the life of the school
  • Strive for excellence and personal growth by networking within the local community.
  • Develop strategies to ensure the values of care, compassion, doing your best, fair go, freedom, honesty and trustworthiness, integrity, respect, responsibility, understanding, tolerance and inclusion are practised as a means of meeting the needs of today while focussing on the future.


Student Well Being

To provide a learning environment that will support students’ needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests.

In the learning environment, we aim to:

  • Increase student engagement across all levels.
  • Create a classroom climate that is inquiry based.
  • Develop the role of the ‘Well being Leader’ to ensure that personal growth for all students takes place.
  • Value inclusion and student connectedness by being proactive in promoting whole school activities that build self esteem and take learning to a greater depth.


Teaching and Learning

To challenge and support students to develop deep levels of thinking and application in an environment where assessment practices are an integral part of teaching and learning.

In the learning environment, we aim to:

  • Plan a curriculum that focuses on knowledge, skills and behaviours and leads to excellence and personal growth.
  • Set high expectations by focusing on the essential standards set out in the Victorian Curriculum Standards
  • Put in place appropriate assessment tasks that accurately reflect student progress and lead to better informed teaching practices.
  • Report accurately about student progress and plan for improvement.

Ensure our Teaching and Learning Policy is current and reflective of our vision and mission.