School Community

Our Mission: To create an enterprising school community that is underpinned by the faith values which are central to the education of our children.


In relation to the school community, we aim to:

  • Liaise regularly with the Parish Priest, Corpus Christi and St. Augustine communities to strengthen parish/school relationships.
  • Maintain and promote the catholic faith tradition of the school by encouraging potential catholic families to enrol at Annunciation
  • Encourage all families to participate in the life of the school
  • Strive for excellence and personal growth by networking within the local community.


For many years the Annunciation school community has prided itself on its strong sense of community. Although the school is small 'The Parents and Friends Association' has been very active in organising fundraising and social activities. We are always looking for ways we can include parents in the life of our school. Examples of this include;

  • in-class help,
  • organising extras such as bookclub,
  • help with library organisation and maintenance,
  • help with excursions,
  • participation celebrations [eg liturgies, dress-up days],
  • use of particular skills such as cultural cooking, crafts, gardening etc to enhance classroom programs.


We also work hard to engage our school community, and especially our children in the wider community. Examples of this include;

  • excursions, incursions and guest speakers,
  • participation in the Hobsons Bay ‘Junior Council’ program,
  • a strong focus on social justice,
  • participation in sports carnivals in the local sports region and in sports fun days with neighbouring Catholic schools,
  • links with local Child Care Centres, Kindergartens and Secondary schools, which often include reciprocal excursions and joint activities,
  • visits from and activities with our local members of all levels of government.