Much of the content in what was called “Studies of Society and Environment” [SOSE] in the CSFII is now in the VELS domain called “Humanities”.

This current statement relates to SOSE and was constructed in the time in which the CSFII was our curriculum document, although much of what was true then will remain so. We are currently reviewing our curriculum statements in light of the new VELS curriculum, and will update this page soon.



SOSE at Annunciation School looks at the strands of History, Geography, Economics and how these effect the way people organise themselves throughout the global community.

In particular it will focus on Australia , its’ people past and present and its’ position within the Asian Pacific region. It will also develop an understanding of the importance of our environment to human survival and a study of major world issues that will affect the way we live.

The knowledge, skills and values gained by the children will lead them to become responsible, decision-making citizens in our ever-changing world.



At Annunciation SOSE is developed as part of our integrated studies based on a two year cycle. This cycle is consistent with the Curriculum Standards Framework 11 Document.

  • LEVEL ONE: Society & Environment, Family & Neighbourhood.
  • LEVEL TWO: Society & Environment, Community & Participation.
  • LEVEL THREE: Society & Environment , Australia ’s People & Places.
  • LEVEL FOUR: History, Geography, Economy & Society.

In order to implement an effective SOSE program we:

  • gather information from a variety of sources.
  • encourage children to analyse information.
  • present information in a variety of ways.
  • assist children to draw conclusions based on information presented.
  • encourage them to develop the confidence to ask questions.
  • observe, collect and record data.
  • provide the opportunity to interpret maps.
  • encourage students to apply geographic skills.


  • CSF 11  SOSE