This statement was constructed in the time in which the CSFII was our curriculum document, although much of what was true then will remain so. We are currently reviewing our curriculum statements in light of the new VELS curriculum, and will update this page soon.



At Annunciation students currently study the Italian language.  Learning a language offers students the opportunity to:

  • use the language to communicate,
  • gain insight into the culture which gives the language its life and meaning,
  • have an increasing understanding of how language operates
  • consider their own culture and compare it with the cultures of countries and communities where the language is spoken,
  • add to their general knowledge.


The aims of learning a language other than English (Italian) are:

  • To emphasize communication skills.  Students learn to communicate in the Italian language for many purposes and in many contexts; they are able to have direct access to knowledge, ideas and information written or spoken in the Italian language.
  • To foster and develop an understanding and appreciation of the many cultures in our society.
  • Students develop an understanding of the way language works which they can apply to other languages including English.
  • While learning an additional language students gain knowledge of and make connections across a range of concepts drawn from other key learning areas.


Activities and resources are chosen to reflect the learners interests, school and classroom themes, wherever possible, providing opportunities for learners to use the language in meaningful situations.